Advantages of Our High-Speed Ovens

With countless uses, high-speed ovens present several advantages to their user. Whether you want to add hot food items to your café menu, or want more even bakes and browning, rapid cook ovens may hold your answer.

1. Shorter cook times

Speed Ovens can reduce standard cooking times in a regular convection oven up to 10 times the normal cook time. This is because Speed ovens are able to combine three different heat sources; microwave, infra-red, and high speed impinged hot air. Microwave works to warm the food from within, while the other two heat sources work from the outside in. For busy cafés and restaurants, decreasing time to prepare food with a high-speed oven is a huge benefit.

2. Better at browning

A Standard microwave cannot brown or toast food, it’s sole purpose is to warm up the food. However, in a speed oven, the impinged air is used to give you the texture and browning that your food needs. With air travelling at 60 mph inside the cavity, at over 400 degrees Fahrenheit, it is guaranteed that you will get the desired result. In a speed oven you can get sandwiches with toasted bread, melted cheese, and fresh vegetables, warm and ready to be enjoyed by your customers.

3. Ventless

The last advantage of our high-speed ovens includes their ventless, portable design. To serve food you don’t need to spend money on an expensive hood and build a commercial kitchen. You can make sure your customers always have something warm and tasty to go along with their beverage of choice. Simply add an oven to your countertop, and you can have hot meals and snacks in less than two minutes ready to be served.

Interested in bringing convection oven benefits to your food establishment? Check out Pratica’s innovative line of High-speed Ovens.