High-Speed Oven Accessories

Purchase or replace your high-speed oven accessories at Pratica. We offer everything you need to accompany your Express Line oven. From solid or perforated cooking baskets to cleaning supplies, our high-speed oven accessories selection can cover all your needs. We have the right tool for any cooking scenario and can point you into finding exactly what you need. Countertop oven tools such as our panini plate or aluminum paddle increase your ease and safety when you operate your equipment. In addition to cooking tools and cleaning supplies, we offer USB drives that allow you to easily upload information to any of our Pratica ovens. To order your high-speed oven accessories, give us a call, email us at info@praticausa.com, or contact us here.

square basket for speed oven

Crossfilm Solid Basket
p/n: 200201

Perforated basket for speed oven

Perforated Basket
p/n: 200202

aluminum panini pan for speed oven

Aluminum Panini Plate
p/n: 200601

aluminum paddle for speed oven

Aluminum Paddle
p/n: 200603

Aluminum screen for speed oven

Aluminum Screen
p/n: 200602

USB for speed oven

USB Drive
p/n: 200401

Pratica oven cleaner

Oven Cleaner, Non-Caustic
p/n: 200902

Oven protecor product by Pratica

Oven Protector, Non Caustic
p/n: 200901

Close up on spray bottle top

Trigger Sprayer
p/n: 200903

Close up on spray bottle top

Foaming Trigger Sprayer
p/n: 200906

Sponge for cleaning speed ovens

Scrub Pad
p/n: 200905

small white chef's towel

Cleaning Towel
p/n: 200904